Define your own “Employee Advocacy” plan.

Before embarking on this enterprise, define your objectives and identify what you want to achieve with this new method. Do you want to boost your visibility or to communicate more precisely about an event or a product? This phase will help you better grasping the potential of each participant and her or his presence level on social media. Last but not least, develop internal directives and your own list of “do’s and don’ts”.

And then, let’s go!

Produce catchy content.

It all starts with quality communication material. So make sure you prepare adequate content elaborated well before dissemination activities.

In video

Let your colleagues and staff workers have the starring role!

Video is a very stimulating means for your staff to get involved in this new enterprise of communication. So tell their stories and invite your colleagues to share their experiences in images thanks to this format.

Additionally, video makes a great impact on social media viewers.  Let us just remind that 90% of users watch videos on their smartphones and that 76% of them are ready to share them. So this is certainly a winning formula in the context of “Employee advocacy”.

To give you a better idea of what is delivered here are two videos produced by Altitude for FordStore Vanspringel:


Use visuals and graphics.

It is becoming more and more difficult to capture user’s attention due to the sheer amount of information and the online traffic. However, use of visuals and graphics still make a difference. To launch the program of “employee advocacy” is also an opportunity to rethink the content at your disposal and to develop new visuals ready to be disseminated by your team. This will also help you delivering consistent content while avoiding risks of online contradictions.

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