Introduced on Facebook in 2013, the voice memo system has quickly become extremely popular. According to the company, it represents the second most popular file format shared via Messenger, just behind photos. The same trend is observed on the other messaging platforms: nearly 200 million voice messages are sent per day via WhatsApp. And in June 2020, Twitter announced that it was testing a new functionality: which enables users to send audio tweets.

audio clubhouse

In this same period, an application was launched: Clubhouse. Since 2020, this new platform has been the talk of the town. The application offers live audio discussion spaces. Classified per subject, the discussion rooms enable people to converse in a secure environment. Secure because anyone can take part in the discussion by “raising their hand”, but you can get yourself banned if you record and disseminate the discussions without authorisation. But even to get banned from it, you still need to register: Clubhouse can only be accessed on invitation. You can only join the application if you have been invited by another member who has already joined it and is currently using it. A concept that has gone down very well: the application already has several millions of users and has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

The podcast era

But sound’s popularity isn’t limited to the social networks. Sound is a medium used increasingly often. This is demonstrated by the popularity of voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, which are now part of everyday life. Furthermore, their use has helped put podcasts centre stage. According to a recent study, 28% of users have stated that these devices have heightened their desire to listen to podcasts.

audio talk

Indeed, since the term podcast first appeared, around February 2004, the format has widened its appeal. Although initially of interest only to radio stations, who saw a new broadcasting opportunity in it enabling them to target an often younger audience, it has quickly become popular. Today, production is estimated at over 800,000 podcasts for 62 million listeners. Impressive figures that are increasing year after year.

Also, more and more companies are choosing this form of communication, perceived as more authentic. Available online, podcasts can be listened to at any time: as well as to get closer to your listeners, they enable you to quickly loyalise a community around your brand.

So, do you want to make the leap? At Altitude we have been won over by this medium and the new communication opportunities it brings. That's why we have set up our own podcast recording studio. So, our team can support you in making your podcasts and also help you determine how to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy in order to reach a wider audience.

Contact the team to discuss your projects with us.... and make your voice heard!

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